Why Do I Need a Family Heritage Site? 

Our minds forget things over time. Our loved ones pass on. 

Why not pass on the truth about your ancestors? We don't want those gems of information lost forever.  Share the stories of their lives with your family!

Inspirational Stories of Love and Respect

Who will remind your children how you met your spouse? Where you grew up? How you came to work in your profession? 

If we don't record the information, it becomes confused or lost completely.

When I was growing up there were many legends and myths in our family about our roots. Some of which proved to be untrue once we used sources to trace our lineage and had DNA tests, but that's what our past becomes when we don't record the facts...some truth and some myths and legends. 

Before one knows it, they are trying to recall which 2nd great-grandmother used to cut down trees for firewood because our 2nd great-grandpa was injured in the war...or wait, was he the one who was injured in a bison stampede? 

Now is the time to write it and record it through websites/books. 

And what a wonderful gift to family and friends for Anniversaries, Birthdays, and Christmas.