Who Needs A Family Heritage Website? 

  • Who will want to know what you know about your parents, grandparents, etc?
  • Who will be on your mind when you are breathing your last breath?
  • Who will be intrigued about their roots? 

The answer to all three questions: YOUR FAMILY!

The Dilemma

The youth in their childhood, teens, 20s, and 30s are so busy pursuing their own lives, they don't think to both ask and record answers about family.

The Solution

A Family Heritage Site and/or A Family Heritage Book.

The site is engaging, packed with information, and easily accessible by all extended family members thanks to technology.

If you put your info in a book too as a back-up, then if a future generation ever drops the ball on paying the website hosting and domain fees, the information is not lost to the family.

I want to help you cover all your bases so your loved ones keep their precious family heritage.

The Family Heritage Sites and Books also make great gifts for extended family and friends. We have gift certificates available.