What is a Family Heritage Site?

A website all about your FAMILY! Okay, so you figured out that much.

It's a compilation of information that will mean the world to your family. From the amazing or intriguing true stories to the awe-inspiring legends to the questionable myths of your ancestors.

Home Page: Contains your custom family logo, which I will create with a family photo or coat of arms provided by you. It includes the menu for the rest of the site and the most recent posts about your family.

Tribute: This is a lovely page of family memories. Such as if you make this site for your parents, then you can request a favorite memory from each of their children and grandchildren along with some photos or it can be a reflective tribute written by you to honor your family.

Family Stories: A page with the index for posts of great family history stories, plus 5 posted stories written by you or other family.

Genealogy: This page will have various information, such as links to public family trees, a list of family surnames compiled by you, or PDF/GEDCOM files, depending on the type of site you choose.

Recipes: Nostalgia! The way mamma or grandma used to make your favorite food! Make sure to get these recipes posted or printed so your family doesn't lose something that is more than just another recipe...it warms the insides with love!

Gallery: A place to post photos of your current family or past ancestors. Everybody likes putting a face to a name.

About/Our Story: A page to tell your story, about you and why you started this family heritage site. 

Contact: Who knows if others may find your site, because of the search words of an ancestor in common and you've ended up finding your lost long uncle!

eBook: The page which has info and a link to your downloadable/printable eBook about your family heritage.

More: You name this page and what it's about! Maybe you have another idea of a great page for a family heritage site.