Our Story

"Family memories root us. The ones we choose to dwell on determine how much food and water we intake from the soil. The better the family memories, the stronger the branch we become in the family tree."
~ Julianne Rigali

How I single-handedly destroyed Christmas!

When I was an energetic, little girl, my teacher taught us how to make collages out of old magazines and cards. We were told how much people love collages and how you can make them out of photos from anything. This was in the 70s. Collages were cool.

Oh, what a perfect Christmas present for my parents!!!

Quietly, I gathered up construction paper, glue, scissors, and a bunch of old family photos. I cut out the people from the family photos to make them fit in my work of art!

I was about half way done when my mother found the "gift" I was working on for them.

Much to my surprise, she wasn't excited about my project, but was horrified that I had destroyed so many family photos.

She was heartbroken.

"It's NOT better to beg for forgiveness than to ask for permission."

I'm so sorry mamma and daddy! 

Fast Forward!

My parents instilled a passion for making family memories, celebrating holidays, history, fact-checking sources, and genealogy.

My mamma was the creative baker! She not only made the best pies and candy, but she took time to make them special. One time she made our Easter Baskets out of homemade Sugar Cookies and decorated them in different colors for each of us. Imagine, a square foot basket of pure, beautifully decorated sugar cookie. Oh my, that's my all-time favorite Easter Basket!

My father taught me to read historical books and documents, fact-check, and an enthusiasm for discovery of truth. Over time, we came to learn so many family stories were myths. Not intentional lies, but simply misunderstandings. It's fascinating. Yet on the other hand, we discovered so many new facts that were awe-inspiring. The stories we had never heard.

I have taken my skills for website and graphic design, celebrating holidays, genealogy, history, baking, and fact-checking to create Family Heritage Sites!