Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get the info to you?

You can transfer photos and documents digitally through email, Dropbox, or we can put up a page on the site which will not be publicly viewed and you can upload your photos and documents to it for me.

If you absolutely need to send the photos or documents to me via postal mail, there is an additional fee for my time involved preparing them for the website. Plus, I will need a release of liability.

What payment forms do you accept?

Payment by check or I can invoice you via Paypal (you can pay through credit card or online banking through this method).

Will my Family Heritage Site be private or public website?

You will have your own domain. You can enact privacy settings on the domain.
All three packages create website which can be either kept private or made public.

However, with the Great-Grand Family Heritage Site it can be both. You can make the main website public, but have certain pages which are password protected to limit who can view them. 

How long until my Family Heritage Site will be complete?

Please email me or call me regarding the time-frame. It is dependent on payment method, how long until I receive needed information to put the site together, and how many current projects. I try to get the site up as soon as possible, as I understand the excitement!