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A Family Heritage Site is your very own family website. You first purchase your own domain name. I can assist you in seeking one that is fitting. I recommend google domains, as they include free privacy, which will save you a lot of money over time and no spam emails.

A family logo designed for you with a family photo of your choice, vector graphics, and fonts (no illustrating included). Your old family photos, stories, and recipes. Once designed, you can update with posts/photos as you wish. For the Great-Grand website I recommend using a Wordpress sponsored site. I can recommend a host I find to be consistently great. I do not profit by your choice for domain/hosting.

All information must be provided by you. Purchase does NOT include any research or putting together your pedigree charts. Nor does it include domain/hosting fees.

Plan options include:

Sale Price Family Heritage Site
Sale Prices Good Through 11/15/2018

Basic Family Heritage Site: 

$299 $200 Limited Time (Plus fees for domain and possibly hosting. If needed you could possibly get away with paying approximately $12 for domain fees a year with privacy protection included and free hosting.)

This is the simplest option which has been created so that once it's designed, the cost is not a burden to those on a fixed income to pay from year to year. Perfect for anybody on a fixed income or holding to a strict budget.

It includes:
One family logo incorporating a family photo of your choice.
Five Page Menu - Choose From: Tribute Page (You write or record the tributes and I will put them on the site), Family Stories Page (Write 5 family stories and I will post them with 1 photo per a story, more stories are extra or you can post them yourself), Family Recipes Page (Up to 10 Family Recipes can include more on your own), Genealogy Page (Max 20 PDF files of your family tree provided by you), Photo Gallery Page (Max 40 digital images provided by you), About Page, Contact Page.

Grand Family Heritage Site: 

$399 $300 Limited Time (plus fees for domain and possibly hosting)
All of the above, plus:
Two additional pages and...
Family eBook Page with your very own 10 page eBook written by you, put together by me for your family to download and either read online or print out.

Great-Grand Family Heritage Site:

$699 $400 Limited Time (plus fees for domain and hosting)
You'll receive everything included in the Basic and Grand Family packages, plus all these extras:
Using website hosting, you can personalize your site with a photo gallery plug-in, a genealogy file plug-in, a recipe plug-in, etc. Plug-ins may be an additional price per your website hosting, if they are not free. If you own Family Tree Maker and have your files in a GEDCOM format, this is a great way to upload your files for all of your family to view online. While this option costs more, it is perfect for the family who wants the whole kit and caboodle and can afford yearly fees for hosting/domain.

On this page, all prices subject to change without notice.

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