Who Do We Include or Exclude In Family Photos

by - July 26, 2018

How to Handle the Hard Question of Who to Include or Exclude in Family Photos
How to Handle the Hard Question of Who to Include or Exclude in Family Photos
This issue is bound to upset some readers, but it's an issue we must address.

The big question is...

Who Do We Include or Exclude in Family Photos? 

We tend to think of spouses and longtime girlfriends/boyfriends as family and in a sense they truly are family. We want them in our photos with us.

However, in time things can change. No matter how strongly we believe in commitment and faithfulness, life doesn't always have a fairy-tale ending.

My Practical Solution

My solution may not fit your life. It's only a suggestion. But I hope you can grasp the wisdom in it.

When you take family photos you can do two sets:

  • In one set, include the in-laws and/or significant others.
  • In the next set, have the extra family members sit out. 

This is a great rule even when a mother, father, and children take photos together. Take some of the family together, but also snap some of each parent alone with the children.

In time, if somebody leaves the family, which I hope is never the case...the special photo does not require us "cutting" them out, because this person's mere appearance exacerbates our heartbreak.

Instead, you still have some beautiful family photos, which never included the ex-spouse, ex-boyfriend, or ex-girlfriend.

All is good, no regrets about our choice to take different sets of photos.

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